Kitesurf Adventure - More than just a kiteschool in Greece  

We emphasise on passion! Kitesurfing means everything to us and to share the passion of learning this exciting sport is very unique to us time and again. We enjoy the possibility to have a great time with you and at the same time share this unique sensation kitesurfing is all about! This also means that we are here for you, even after course hours…the motto being Kite-holiday amongst friends. 


Booking & Organization (German, English & Italian)

Kris is responsible for all bookings & general organization. You can find him at the kite center at Lake Garda or in Sicily.


Center Management & Instructor (Italian, Spanish, English, French)

Roberto is your man for all organizational things as well as customer relations. There is almost nothing he couldn't organize for you!


Instructor (German & English)

You will mainly find Kathi in or on the water. Always in a good mood and ready to help you with anything regarding kiting.


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